Journey to the Savage Planet was broken on Stadia but Google has issued a fix

Journey to the Savage Planet was broken on Stadia but Google has issued a fix

Google’s Stadia has been a rollercoaster from start to finish. For those unaware, Stadia is a cloud game streaming service (not unlike NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW and Microsoft’s xCloud) that can stream games from a high-powered machine in a server center near you to one of your devices. You can purchase games on Stadia or pay for the Pro subscription to get some free games monthly. With news that Google has shut down its own in-house SG&E game studio, many are concerned that the service’s days are numbered. When the platform first launched, Google promised Stadia will be the future of gaming and that they were committed to developing first-party titles that will be exclusive to the platform. But then the company’s two SG&E studios shut down, with the only game ever published under its belt being Journey to the Savage Planet… a game which has been broken on the platform for nearly three weeks now, according to users on Reddit.


First reported on /r/Stadia 19 days ago, the issue was pretty easy to run into. Simply start Journey to the Savage Planet, select single-player or co-op, and the game will freeze. There are no workarounds, and users who wanted to play the game couldn’t. What’s more, because Typhoon Studios, the video game development company that was acquired by Google and became part of SG&E, many worried that these issues might never get fixed. While some staff members were let go following the shutdown of SG&E, many were also moved to new roles within Google. A new post was made yesterday on /r/Stadia from the same user who had initially reported the issue, where the user had attempted to contact both Google support and 505 Games support. The user contacted 505 Games because that company was responsible for publishing the game on consoles and on Microsoft Windows. 505 Games’ customer support told the user that the responsibility for a fix on the Stadia version falls solely on SG&E.

A spokesperson for Google responded yesterday on the subreddit.

“Hi folks, I understand how frustrating this situation is, and I’m sorry for the delayed update. We’re actively working with our partners to identify a fix, and I will do my best to pass updates along.”

But earlier today confirmed that a fix is rolling out:

“Hi everyone, this issue should now be resolved. Thanks again for your patience, and please let us know if the issue persists on your end.”

Furthermore, a spokesperson for Google reached out to confirm that the studios comprising Stadia Games & Entertainment (including Typhoon Studios) are still employed at Google as of now. Typhoon Studios, we’re told, helped create the patch for Journey to the Savage Planet that rolled out earlier today.

This article was updated at 1:57 PM ET to reflect that a patch has rolled out to resolve these issues and that the studios that comprise SG&E are still employed at Google.

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