JVCKenwood to Showcase Automotive and Media Products at CES 2018

JVCKenwood to Showcase Automotive and Media Products at CES 2018

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The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show is a little less than a week away, and companies are already talking about the products they’ll be showing off in Las Vegas. One of those companies is JVCKenwood, which announced this week that it’ll take the wraps off new automotive and media products.

The company has a number of product unveilings planned for CES 2018, but only highlighted “major exhibits” in its press release. On the automotive side of things, those include a new high-end AV multimedia receivers with a 720p displays and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a new lineup of disc-free JVC-branded receivers (also with CarPlay and Android Auto). Last but not least, JVCKenwood says that on the show floor, it’ll exhibit a 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross outfitted with a display audio system that has Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a touch pad controller.

The company’s got more in store for CES 2018 than in-car entertainment systems. JVCKenwood will launch all-new AV multimedia receivers compatible with DSD (Direct Stream Digital) files, and show a sound room demo that’ll let attendees sample its full high-resolution systems. It’ll also showcase 4K video cameras, including new 4K professional camera recorders and 4K commercial cameras that protect against water, dust, shocks, and freezing temperatures. And it’ll show off new Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones.

We’ll be covering the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show live from the convention floor, so check back for continuing coverage.

Source: JVC Kenwood