K-9 Mail receives a big update with a fresh coat of paint

K-9 Mail receives a big update with a fresh coat of paint

K-9 Mail, an open-source email client for Android, has just received a huge update. K-9 Mail has been around since the old days of Android. It was considered one of the best email clients at the time and it’s still used by many users. However, the lack of new updates in recent years meant the app was starting to feel a bit dated compared to other modern-looking email clients. That’s finally being addressed with the stable release of the K-9 Mail, which not only brings a fresh coat of paint but also adds many improvements while fixing old bugs.

The K-9 Mail v5.8 is rolling out on the Google Play Store, and it brings some much-needed improvements to this OG email client, including a redesigned interface, improved background sync, better image previews for image attachments, improvements to Unified Inbox and end-to-end encryption, and various bug fixes. The new version now requires Android 5.0 and above. It’s also ending support for WebDAV accounts. However, the developer says this won’t affect existing WebDAV accounts, and they will continue to work for now.


Here’s the full changelog for the K-9 Mail v5.8

  • Major redesign of the user interface
  • A new app icon
  • Changed periodic background sync and push implementations to work much more reliably
  • Deprecated support for the WebDAV protocol; new accounts can no longer be added
  • K-9 Mail now requires Android 5.0 and newer
  • Added support for Autocrypt setup message
  • Added support for encrypted subjects
  • A lot of other bug fixes, internal changes, and improvements
  • Updated translations

Do note that K-9 Mail doesn’t support free Hotmail accounts. And similar to other clients, it also experiences some quirks when talking to Microsoft Exchange.

If you were a long-time K-9 Mail user but stopped using the service due to a lack of updates and maintenance, you might want to give it another shot after this new update. To download the latest version of K-9, hit the link below. If you don’t have access to the Google Play Store, you can also download it from F-Droid, Amazon App Store, and the project’s GitHub page.

K-9 Mail
Developer: K-9 Dog Walkers
Price: Free

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