Keep Track of Everything Your Device Does with Event Logger

Keep Track of Everything Your Device Does with Event Logger

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Regardless of their OS choice, computing power users generally share one common thread: They all like to know what their computing devices are doing at any given time. Because of this, there are plenty of event logger options on practically every platform. Android is no exception.

We’ve talked about taking a logcat quite a few times in the past, with the intention of helping you help your developers in the debugging process, but these were never meant to be convenient or easily readable by end users. What about an end user-readable option that tells you in simple language what your device is up to? Now thanks to Event Logger by XDA Recognized Developer pedja1, such an option exists.

Event Logger, as its name implies, keeps track of what your device does at any given time and displays it in a very simple and understandable format.  Currently, the tool can keep tabs on your WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, charging status, location, display power, screen lock state, received SMS messages, application launches, call events, headphone events, media scanner events, time settings, airplane mode, battery level, wallpaper, volume, and when you restart or power off your phone. Those running Xposed Framework can also keep track of media playback events. In the future, various other events will be  added such as NFC state, HDMI state, application installation and removal, mobile network state, and SD card state. Furthermore, event filtering will be added some time in the future.

If you’ve been looking for a simple and user friendly logging option for Android, Event Logger is a great solution. Head over to the application thread to give it a try.