Keep up with the Latest XDA News with Unofficial XDA Portal App

Keep up with the Latest XDA News with Unofficial XDA Portal App

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You, our loyal readers, are the sole reason why we here at the XDA Portal continually strive to bring you the best in mobile news from the XDA forums and across the Interwebz. While the majority of you browse the site from the comfort of your large-screened home computing devices, a growing number browse the site while on the go. And in order to better access our content while on the go, XDA Forum Member sunstreak created an unofficial XDA Portal app to help keep you up to date with the latest goings on of the site.

Sunstreak’s unofficial XDA Portal app has quite a bit going for it. In addition to simply providing you with a list of stories and their contents, the app features a lovely cards-based UI that fits in nicely with both Android’s modern interface paradigms, as well as our XDA color scheme. Furthermore, the app is extremely lightweight and fast-loading, so it will take you minimal time to get to the stories you want to read.

Please keep in mind that the application is still in its beta testing phase, so you may encounter a few bugs and quirks here and there. For example, there is currently no way to visit links through the application, nor can you view the article through the web in the event that you need to access a link. Furthermore, the app currently has a button to access a non-existent settings menu, and tablet support is not yet implemented. That said, we have high hopes for this application, and it is a solid start to what can become a genuinely useful alternative to reading our stories through the website itself or a traditional RSS reader.

If you’d like to give the beta a shot, head over to the application thread to get started and leave some feedback for the developer.