Keep Your Apps’ Services in Check with Servicely

Keep Your Apps’ Services in Check with Servicely

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Android as an operating system has come a long way since the days where pressing the home or recents buttons would cause a noticeable lag, and despite the platform evolving significantly, errant apps can sometimes disrupt the Android experience. Numerous solutions have arisen to combat this issue, such as task killers and the famous Greenify, but XDA Recognized Developer franciscofranco has now thrown his hat in the ring with the launch of his app, Servicely, which relies on efficient and scheduled operations, pleasing aesthetics and a non-existent price tag to stay ahead of the competition.

Servicely is a root app that runs a service every X seconds which checks if any services or apps from the Hit List are running, and if they are, it proceeds to terminate them. The developer has put conditions in check so that open apps won’t close on you, and the search-and-kill operation runs on a background thread so as to keep your Android experience smooth.


Overall, Servicely is a well designed and straightforward app, that does what it says in an efficient and hassle-free manner. Despite some features being labelled as ‘Pro Features’, the developer has generously added a toggle for users who want to avail them without paying for the app. If battery or performance issues are plaguing your device, this app is definitely worth checking out.