Keep Your Kids Entertained With Audabubble HD for Android

Keep Your Kids Entertained With Audabubble HD for Android

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Not too long ago, we covered a funny app meant to amuse your young children with some funny sounds. However, what do you do when your kids are a bit older? Luckily, this is where XDA forum members adfrad and apDroid come in.

Specifically geared towards tablets and other HD devices, Audabubble HD is a simple game where the goal is to drag sounds to their corresponding images. In the words of the developers:

Being a complete novice to software development, having nothing but an idea, a friend who could draw and a small amount of money I could spare, I posted on XDA that I was looking for a developer to help me create a simple child’s game for tablets and HD devices. I got a fantastic response, chose my developer apdroid and soon work was started.

Now I’m happy to announce the fruits of our labour… Audabobble.

It’s a simple “hear the sound and drag it to the correct image” game, with loads of bright colours and fun sounds to attract kids.

The specially created graphics are at HD resolutions, and is optimised for the mass of Android tablets that is about to sweep over us.. and the swam of pre school and nursery kids who will be addicted to them… but it also plays on regular phones just as well.

Be sure to continue to the application thread to get your game on. After all, who knows… If you get them started with Android this early, you may have the next Andy Rubin or Romain Guy on your hands!