Keepass2Android Beta Updated with AutoFill Framework Support in Android Oreo

Keepass2Android Beta Updated with AutoFill Framework Support in Android Oreo

There are many popular password managers on Android, but only a few stand out. LastPass is one of them, but it’s closed-source — you can’t see the code for yourself. For folks bothered by that prospect, one of the best alternatives is Keepass2Android, a port of Keepass for desktop. It lets users store and access their passwords from a cloud storage service, and features fingerprint database unlocking.

Unfortunately, no matter which password manager you use, most offer a sub-standard experience on Android. That’s because it wasn’t until Android Oreo that Google started supporting password autofill — on Nougat and older, managers like LastPass and Keepass2Android have to use Android’s Accessibility Services, which tends to introduce a slight delay.


We wrote about how the lag is intentional because of the nature of Accessibility Services. But the effect is exacerbated by password managers, which use Accessibility Services to detect input fields.

The AutoFill Framework added in Android 8.0 Oreo solves the problem by allowing apps that need data entry to request the AutoFill Framework, which calls the autofill service and sends said data.

Now, a new version of Keepass2Android with updated libraries, build system, target SDK, and support for the AutoFill Framework in Android Oreo is available for beta testers. For Android Oreo users, that’s good news — the app’s experience should be significantly better.

If there aren’t any issues with AutoFill API, Keepass2Android users can expect it to arrive in the stable channel in the near future.

Source: Philipp Crocoll (on Google+)

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