KeepAwake, Stop Standby for Specific Applications

KeepAwake, Stop Standby for Specific Applications

XDA forum member ozkaya has created an application to prevent your windows mobile device from entering standby mode, whilst specific apps are running.  E.g. ebook reader, satnav.

Users should be aware that KeepAwake watches the apps even when they are running in the background, so the device will not sleep. Ozkaya states that KeepAwake does not control dimming – this can be disabled yourself.

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  • I’ve already added HTC Reader and Adobe Reader apps into watchlist. If you want to add more, run your app, switch to Task Manager/Processes, learn the name of the exe file, (e.g. htcreader.exe) drop the .exe part, input htcreader into Textbox and click add button. It is case sensitive.
  • if you want to remove a certain app, select its name and click remove button.
  • if you want to have KeepAwake open but still not active (to force into standby) click stop.
  • this app autostarts with each boot, if you don’t like it, delete the shortcut under \Windows\Startup\KeepAwake.lnk
  • this app starts minimized. if you want to configure settings, select the icon one more time or switch to it using a task manager.
  • if you click quit, obviously the software quits and no more monitoring is done, so click X after configuring if you want it to monitor your apps.

KeepAwake has been confirmed to be working on the HTC HD2.

To download the cab, and join the discussion, check out the application thread.

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