Keep your Passwords and Documents Secure with Keeper

Keep your Passwords and Documents Secure with Keeper

If you’ve spent any time looking through the different solutions available for password management, you might feel overwhelmed and confused by all the different products on the market. They all claim they’re the best, but are they, really? 

One thing is certain: You should absolutely be using a password tool, and Keeper has the solution you need to finally take control of your security. Keeper makes it easy to manage dozens, even hundreds of passwords AND secure your sensitive documents, notes, payment sources, and more.

With Keeper, you’ll no longer need to remember all of your passwords, so you’ll be free to use long, complex passwords for extra account security. You can use biometrics to keep all of your passwords one tap away. With software available across a large selection of platforms, Keeper makes tracking your passwords as easy as possible.


Keeper Unlimited – Save 30%

Keeper Security Software

Password Security

Signing up for new accounts and keeping track of your login information can be a nightmare. Keeper is your dream come true!

As soon as you start setting up a new account, Keeper immediately jumps into action, helping you generate a secure password and creating a new record for your Keeper app with just a few clicks. Your new account information is synced across all of your devices that have Keeper installed, so you’ll be able to access your entire database of passwords with your fingerprint.

Keeper Security Audit

When it’s time to sign in to an online account, Keeper knows exactly which credentials you need for that site. It will even present you with multiple options if you have multiple accounts with that service. Ordering stuff from websites is also easier, thanks to Keeper’s identity and payment records storage. You can store credit cards, banking information, IDs, government documents, or any type of sensitive information in your Keeper app.

Keeper makes creating new records simple with over 20 pre-made record types. Select what type of record you need to enter, and all of the applicable data fields are provided. The key is to spend less time managing your password records and make the process of logging into your accounts effortless.

Your Digital Safety Deposit Box

With the ability to store so many different types of records, Keeper is your all-in-one digital safety deposit box. You can now fully digitize your collection of sensitive and important documents, like tax returns, social security cards, passports, vehicle titles, and more. As an add-on feature, you can use Keeper as cloud storage for digital files. This lets you condense two services into one, making your life a little bit easier.

Keeper Android App

Access to your Keeper vault is important to have, even when you don’t have an internet connection. That’s why your documents are stored locally and can be accessed at any time. Don’t get stuck in a severe weather event or on the side of a road without access to your insurance documents.

Unlimited Records

Maybe you only have a few passwords to keep track of, or maybe you’re looking to manage a large database of all of your documents. Either way, Keeper supports unlimited records with your service subscription. Enter as many records as you like.

Keeper Unlimited – Save 30%

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