Easily Load Your Favorite Kernels with Kernel Manager

Easily Load Your Favorite Kernels with Kernel Manager

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Custom kernels are designed to make our devices run better, faster, and be more battery friendly than their stock counterparts. Kernel development is definitely not easy, as it requires lots of knowledge about the Linux ecosystem and coding ability. You can find multiple kernels available in basically any device subforum.

Kernel developers often create applications to keep their users on updated versions and to streamline the update process. Users can easily download the kernel and install it without even touching a USB cable, which is surely a convenient way of updating. However, not every developer creates such Android applications, so it might be a bit problematic to keep them up-to-date. XDA Recognized Developer Grarak decided to create a universal application that works with multiple devices and numerous kernels that have been added to its database.

The application is still in its testing stage and requires lots of additional polish. However, kernel developers can already submit pull requests and add their work to database as JSON entries. End user can check which kernels are available for their particular devices and automatically flash the most desired one. Hopefully this project will become successful, since it makes it easy to browse and install quite a few kernels from a unified interface.

We hope to see additional devices to be available soon. Meanwhile, you can download the application from the Kernel Manager forum thread,