KickMaterial: Material Design For Kickstarter

KickMaterial: Material Design For Kickstarter

Frustrated by the lack of a Kickstarter Android App, Grzegorz Oksiuta and Outline have collaborated to design an MD themed Kickstarter app. While Kickstarter has put an end to hopes of a release, the concept looks spectacular and if not for an overly cautious legal department “could be released tomorrow”.


“Last year, to keep up with what’s great, I switched from iOS to Android. There were a lot of things I missed though, especially some favorite apps. Where was Kickstarter? It was non-existent! This is why I, together with my friends at OUTLINE, are designing concept app for Android.”

Upon asking Kickstarter users how they interacted with the service on mobile, they discovered: app users had little interest in actually backing projects through the application, which was viewed as inconvenient and was used primarily just to keep track of and discover projects. It was this that started their development of an algorithm to suggest projects based on previous backing behaviour. Designing the information architecture was the next stage of development and after trying multiple iterations came across a design that not only looked good but also conveyed information in a clear and easily digested manner.

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To assuage the reluctance of users to pledge from mobile, a smooth and simple pledge interface has been implemented to make the process flow easier and allow for quick alterations. The process instead of feeling cramped and slow is now spacious and flows well, allowing for easy viewing and choosing of pledge tiers. The app also allows for pledges to be changed in a way that is arguably easier than on the desktop site itself.

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The app follows the guidelines for Material Design excellently as each floating action button has been designed to perform the function you would expect or most likely use, meaning the app becomes almost second nature to use. Want to play the project video or head over to the categories menu? The FAB are all their for a reason and not just because the guidelines suggest placing one there would be a good idea.

As with all apps, this certainly has its pitfalls, primarily the lack of release due to Kickstarter’s refusal to allow them to publish the app or publish materials with trademarked names and images. The second concern which is just as, if not of greater importance is the security and privacy side of the app. Kickstarter frequently handles the exchange of large amounts of money, without assurance that all financial details were being handled securely the app if/when released could see some serious trouble from concerned potential users.

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