Got a Kindle Fire? Try a Lollipop Build!

Got a Kindle Fire? Try a Lollipop Build!

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Android Lollipop was released just a month ago and almost instantly, a large number of third party developers jumped to action in porting this version of Google’s OS onto various devices. Some of them will be officially supported in time, but a larger number will never get an official Lollipop update since their respective OEMs have decided to abandon them long ago.

Devices that receive Android 5.0 ports don’t have to be new. Even the devices from late 2010 have gotten some Lollipop love. Thanks to XDA Recognized Developer Hashcode, Amazon Kindle Fire users are able to test the newest version of Android platform on their devices. Hashcode’s build is still very early and requires lots of things to be polished. It’s a great start nonetheless. We need to keep in mind that this device is running the deprecated TI OMAP 4430 SoC and it features just 512 megs of RAM.

Unlike KitKat, Lollipop is a resource-heavy operating system, so some transparency settings are disabled because of RAM limitations. The Kindle originally came with Amazon’s distribution of Android, which was heavily modified. Thanks to community, the development for this device has been quite vivid for quite a large number of years.

If you have your Kindle lying around collecting dust, you can check out how Android Lollipop runs on it. All the necessary information can be found in the UNOFFICIAL CM12.0 for OtterX development thread.