This Kindle Oasis Essentials Bundle Prime Day deal is the best way to save on Amazon’s top eReader

This Kindle Oasis Essentials Bundle Prime Day deal is the best way to save on Amazon’s top eReader

If there’s one thing guaranteed about Prime Day it’s that Amazon’s own hardware will always see some awesome discounts. Whether you’re looking for an Echo, a Fire TV, or in this case, a Kindle, there’s something that you’re going to want.

This Prime Day deal is for more than just a Kindle, however. It bundles the Kindle Oasis with everything else you need to get started, including a case and a power adapter. Best of all, this bundle seriously undercuts the regular price of just the Kindle Oasis on its own.

Ordinarily, you’re looking at paying $280 and upwards for a Kindle Oasis. This bundle is only just over the $200 mark, with a leather cover and a power adapter that you may or may not need included. For Amazon’s best Kindle, that’s not a bad shout.


Why is the Oasis such a good Kindle, though? This quote from XDA’s Managing Editor, Rich Woods, sums it up:

I absolutely loved this product. It’s the perfect e-reader when I’m out and about, and when I’m lying on my back in bed. This thing was designed mostly without flaws, and I use it to this day.

    Save big and get some accessories thrown into the mix with this heavily discounted Kindle Oasis bundle for Prime Day.

The Kindle Oasis is a luxury device, there’s little denying that. But it’s also far more than just another tablet-like device that serves up books to read. The design is innovative, and the water resistance makes it a perfect vacation companion. A paper book wouldn’t stand up to getting splashed at the pool or the beach, but the Kindle Oasis won’t even notice.

Making use of Prime Day is also smart when it comes to buying a Kindle Oasis. It’s pricey, so taking some of the sting out of that is an opportunity worth taking. It’s live right now through the end of Prime Day if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber.

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