KingRoot has long been a source of controversy in the developer community, with allegations of malware baked into the rooting app. The purpose of the app is to act as a one-click-root solution for as many phones as possible. While the app does indeed successfully root a massive number of compatible devices, many users warn that you should not trust this app.

XDA Recognized Developer gatesjunior writes:

  • KingRoot now installs a ton of Adware on your device
  • KingRoot takes over your lock screen now and splatters ads on it
  • KingRoot’s Uninstall does NOT remove everything they have modified on your device SuperSU replace method does NOT remove everything they put on it either
  • KingRoot intentionally ads multiple binary files to your /system/bin folder that have nothing to do with their rooting method and are even back dating them to try and hide them
  • AVG has reported this and even warns of possible personal information gathering, that is NOT just a warning of rooting exploits
  • KingRoot has now included a Wifi option within their latest version under tools, what do you think they are gathering there ?


KingRoot App

Always be cautious about apps offering a one-click-root solution for your device. KingRoot is only one of many apps that are accused of having malware.