KinScreen is the ultimate tool to control when your screen turns on or off

KinScreen is the ultimate tool to control when your screen turns on or off

KinScreen is one of the most advanced screen control apps available on the Play Store right now. The app has been around since 2014 and, over the years, developer Flyview has added a host of controls that let you completely customize the screen timeout behavior of your Android device. The app gives you the ability to utilize your phone’s sensors to keep the screen on when you’re using it. On top of that, it offers granular controls for each option to help you customize the auto timeout behavior based on your needs.

The latest update for KinScreen (v. 6.0.0) brings a bunch of additional features like tilt to wake, turn on by proximity sensor, time out by tilt, and more. Here’s a quick look at all the new customization options introduced in the latest update:


The new Turn on by tilt feature lets you turn your device’s screen on simply by tilting it over a predefined angle. As you can see in the attached screenshot, the feature includes a couple of exceptions that will let you customize instances when the feature doesn’t work. For example, you can enable the ‘Except if screen manually turned off’ option to prevent the app from waking up the display when you manually turn it off, even if you tilt the device over the specified angle.

KinScreen screenshot showing new Turn screen on settings

The update also adds a new exception to the existing turn on by proximity feature to prevent the screen from waking up if the device is tilted below a specific angle.

KinScreen screenshot showing new exception for turn on by proximity setting

Another noteworthy addition is the time out by tilt angle option which accelerates the screen time out if the device is tilted below an angle. The feature also comes with a couple of exceptions to further customize it as per your needs. And finally, there’s the new Actively turn screen off function which actively turns the screen off for the turn off by proximity and/or turn off by angle functions.

KinScreen screenshot showing time out by tilt setting

Without this option enabled, KinScreen only sets a short timeout, so if another app is keeping the screen on the proximity and angle features won’t work. When it’s turned on, KinScreen actively turns the screen off after a specified time. For other changes introduced in the latest KinScreen update, you can check the changelog section below.


  • Added turn-on-by-tilt-angle function
  • Added tilt angle exception for turn-on-by-proximity
  • Added time-out-by-tilt-angle function
  • Added option to actively turn screen off as opposed to just timing out (Android 9+). Accessibility method does not interfere with fingerprint unlocking.
  • Added while in-call exception for turn-off-by-proximity
  • Fixed notification status icon on lock screen
  • Fixed notification possibly disappearing when toggling manual toggle
  • Fixed notification icon not changing back to hand from moon when there’s no active keep-on in between covering proximity and uncovering it
  • Increased number of free apps that keep the screen on to 5
  • Show notification on lock screen again
  • Start on boot before unlocking (not finished in beta 5)
  • Added warning dialog for turn-on by proximity functions
  • Built for Android 11
  • Fixed not turning off by proximity when function enabled while in proximity
  • Fixed turningOffByProximity not being updated properly while toggling proximity exceptions
  • Changed notification title to include whether manual toggle is on or off, and do so for older Android versions as well
  • Made max time limits actually stop turning screen on regardless of charging status so it doesn’t seem broken
  • Updated all show dialog methods to check if already showing
  • Changed to SwitchCompat
  • Auto show purchase dialog every day instead of every 3 days
  • Updated to AppCompat 1.2.0
  • Increased minSDK to 18
  • Changed “if tilted up less than / more than” to “if tilted under / over -30deg”
  • Show all active keep-on functions as green instead of sometimes yellow if another function was already keeping it on since they all have the same importance. Yellow didn’t make sense as “would keep on if something else wasn’t already keeping it on” when it was being shown for detected motion out of angle range.
  • Changed Upgrade dialog to use drawables instead of unicode so it doesn’t look different on diff devices
  • Added no thanks button to Upgrade/Donate dialogs (need to show a clear way out of a payment dialog)
  • Made button in DonateDialog link to PayPal donation instead of IAP (donations are listed as not supported by IAP here
  • Capitalized button text for payment options / donate button
  • Changed email to send to kinscr[email protected] (“forward” email account on netfirm’s email settings)
  • Fixed Utils.startEmailIntent line breaks not working by switching from \n to <be>
  • Updated to billing library 3.0.1. Fixes a bug with app being killed during purchase flow
  • Updated BillingManager 2020.07.02
  • Updated BillingConstants, IabService and activities to use arrays of skus rather than checking each one
  • Changed app detection method to hopefully prevent apps getting stuck as detected
  • Consolidated method to detect foreground package names depending on Android version into Utils
  • Updated app detection method with hashMap
  • Save last time upgrade dialog shown and use that for auto showing time
  • Moved upgrade dialog auto show to onSkuDetailsResponse so that listSkuDetails is ready in SA
  • Link to rate dialog from menu so they get the messaging first. Updated messaging
  • Capitalized all titles
  • Changed to keep on while “on a” call
  • Added links to changelog and translators into about dialog and onto website
  • Increased dialog margins
  • Set all dialog titles to gravity center so that if it goes to 2 lines the text is still centered

KinScreen Giveaway — 40 free promo codes

In case you’re interested in giving KinScreen a shot, you can download it from the Play Store link below. However, do note that the free version of the app doesn’t include all the fine-tuning options. To use the granular controls, you’ll need to purchase the premium version which retails for $4.99.

To celebrate the latest update, developer TEQTIC has shared 40 promo codes that you can use to grab the premium version of the app. We’ll be giving away these codes in the comments section below in sets of 10. As a courtesy, do respond with a comment when you have claimed a code.

All of the promo codes have been given away as of 1:52 PM ET. Thanks for participating!

KinScreen: Screen Control
Developer: TEQTIC
Price: Free

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