Kiwi Browser adds experimental support for Opera desktop extensions

Kiwi Browser adds experimental support for Opera desktop extensions

While there are a variety of Chromium-based browsers on the Google Play Store, XDA Senior Member arnaud42‘s Kiwi Browser is in a league of its own. It was one of the first Chromium-based browsers for Android that offered support for Chrome extensions, and it packs in a ton of additional features that you won’t find on other Chrome alternatives. But the best part about the browser is that it’s completely open-source, which allows other Chromium-based browsers to bring some of its features to their users.

For instance, we recently learned that at least three Chromium-based browsers might be adding support for Chrome extensions thanks to the Kiwi Browser. But while other browsers are working on bringing Chrome extension support to their users, arnaud42 has added experimental support for Opera desktop extensions to Kiwi Browser with its latest update, along with a couple of other useful improvements.


The latest update for Kiwi Browser (version Git200930) has started rolling out to users via the Google Play Store, and it brings the following changes:

  • (General) Improved two important stability issues (screen rotation and GPU freezes)
  • (Browsing) Fix related to Facebook Messenger web edition
  • (Browsing) Fix for a minor issue related to Twitter windows not opening.
  • (Extensions) Added partial support for Opera experimental Desktop extensions.

As you can see in the attached screenshots, with the latest version of the Kiwi Browser, you can now install a few Opera desktop extensions on your Android device. To do so, you can navigate to the Opera addons page on the browser and download the extension of your choice.

Once you have the extension downloaded on your device, you’ll need to navigate to the Extensions settings in the browser, turn on Developer mode, and then tap on Load. In the following screen, you’ll have to select the extension file you just downloaded, and it will automatically be added to the browser. To enable the extension, tap on the toggle in the extension card, tap OK in the following pop-up, and you’re all set. We tested the Turn Off the Lights and uBlock Origin extensions on the latest version of the Kiwi Browser, and they worked exactly as expected. However, since the Opera desktop extension support is currently experimental, your mileage may vary.

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