Knobby Volume Control turns your Android phone’s volume slider into a volume control knob

Knobby Volume Control turns your Android phone’s volume slider into a volume control knob

Do you find Android’s volume controls bland? Do you think that they could do with a little bit more flair and color? XDA Senior Member yogi.306‘s Knobby Volume Control has you covered if you want more than just a volume slider for controlling your audio levels. Knobby Volume Control Premium is free at the moment, so you can install the paid version to get all of its themes!

Knobby’s strengths lie in its finer controls over audio on multiple levels from a simple swipe gesture. Ring, notifications, media, alarm, system, and call volume are all able to be controlled, and there are many colors and styles to choose from in the premium version of the app. The free version has two basic options with some customization, with the paid version offering more. The biggest strenght of Knobby is that you can have finer control over six different audio levels, without leaving the app that you’re in. If you’re playing a game, for example, you can easily and quickly increase the audio of notifications without leaving it. It will also be especially useful for devices that may not have physical volume buttons.


You can check out the full list of features in Kobby below.

  • Knob volume control with many themes
  • Volume control widgets
  • Volume control notification
  • Fully customizable widgets and notification, change background colors, and icon colors.
  • Gesture control to open volume slider quickly without leaving the current app or game.
  • Completely configurable gesture control, change position, size, thickness, transparency, color, etc.
  • Quickly change ringer modes: Silent, vibrate, normal.
  • Control volume levels: Ringer, notification, system, incall voice, media/music.
  • Battery friendly background services for gesture control.
  • Customizable volume slider, change position, animation, duration, colors etc.
  • No permission to accessibility service.

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