New Honor 8 Gestures in Nougat Beta

New Honor 8 Gestures in Nougat Beta

One of the more useful features on the Honor 8 is the gesture controls activated by using your knuckles. The Honor 8 can tell whether you are touching the screen with your finger or your knuckles. This allows the software to assign different actions to the different types of touches. In this video, TK goes over some of the best gesture controls in the new EMUI 5.0 update.



Knock firmly with your knuckle and draw a letter to open a specified application. You can assign specific apps to different letters from the settings menu.


Smart Screenshot


Knock twice with your knuckle to take a screenshot or draw an enclosed region with your knuckle to capture part of the screen . Knock twice with two knuckles to start or stop recording a video clip of your onscreen actions . Knock with your knuckle and draw an S to take a scrolling screenshot.


Split-Screen Gesture


Knock firmly with your knuckle and draw a line across your screen to enter split-screen mode. This can be done from within any app that is compatible with split-screen.

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