Koala Phone Launcher Helps the Visually Impaired

Koala Phone Launcher Helps the Visually Impaired

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Smartphones, especially those with smaller screens, aren’t always the best option for those among us who hail from an older generation. Small letters and numbers may be an obstacle that is difficult to surmount. People with vision problems often decide to get a classic feature phone with hardware buttons, leaving all of the advanced technology behind.

Among the many launchers available for Android, one is quite unusual. XDA Forum Member tomasslavicek created an application whose main goal is making a phone to be senior citizen-friendly. Koala Phone Launcher makes the device easier to use by presenting the clock, decimals, and other UI elements in a larger size, in order to cut down on the confusion some may feel. It also makes applications like the camera, photo viewer, or flashlight easily accessible, and the launcher can read the incoming messages back to the user.

Koala Phone Launcher works with Android 4.0 and newer, with a free version allowing the most basic actions like calling and sending text messages. We don’t usually promote paid content, but this application can help many people call their families, friends and perform the most basic actions with a modern smartphone.

To download this application head over to the Koala Phone Launcher: Simple phone interface for older people forum thread. Maybe this application is perfect for you or your dearest ones? Who knows.