Save up to 30% on these KOVOL GaN USB C Chargers

Save up to 30% on these KOVOL GaN USB C Chargers

The best way to take advantage of the latest fast charging found on the iPhone 13, Pixel 6, or MacBook Pro is to use a powerful GaN charger from KOVOL. These limited-time discounts are available for customers who buy these chargers through Amazon. Two options for 120W and 65W chargers are available, with discount codes found below.

KOVOL Sprint 4-Port PD Laptop Charger

USB C Charger 120W

Designed for large-capacity batteries and dual charging situations, this KOVOL 120W charger is the ultimate solution for your mobile office. Charge your 16″ 2021 MacBook Pro in 1.7 hours via a USB-C port. Do you have a friend working nearby? This charger is powerful enough to dual-charge two MacBook Pros at 60W via both USB-C PD ports.


The Intelligent Power Distribution system is able to detect the optimal amount of power output required by each device and route unused power to different devices that you have plugged in. This results in the maximum amount of power being distributed to each outlet.

30% OFF code: KVDBAADP

There are four available ports on the KOVOL Sprint 120W charger. Two USB C and two USB A ports can accommodate just about any type of laptop, tablet, phone, or portable gaming device. The GaN II technology enables this charger to be more compact, cooler, and more powerful than previous chargers. With a small footprint of only 1.81×1.81×3.35 inches, this charger is able to replace the bulky and heavy chargers you might be used to.

Take advantage of this sale and get the KOVOL Sprint 4-Port PD Laptop Charger on Amazon with the 30% off code. Replace your collection of bulky and slow chargers with this powerful solution that can charge all of your devices faster than ever.

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KOVOL Sprint 4 Port PD PPS GaN Charger

USB C Fast Charger 65W

The 65W GaN charger is the perfect companion for all of your mobile devices. With four available ports, you can take advantage of the support for PD 3.0, QC 3.0 & PPS Charging. Quickly charge all of your tech with one simple charger.

This 65W charger is powerful enough to charge the latest phones like the iPhone 13, Google Pixel 6, Samsung Galaxy phones, and more. Even larger devices like the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPad, and Microsoft Surface products can take full advantage of the fast GaN charging abilities.

10% OFF code: T5BCN6TT

Combine this 10% off coupon with the $10 off coupon that you can find on Amazon, for a total of 30% off.

KOVOL’s Q-Pulse technology will keep your devices and surroundings safe with multiple safety features including overcharge, high-temperature, and short-circuit protection. Pack this single charger on your next vacation to power your Nintendo Switch, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Bluetooth headphones.

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