Krita, a FOSS digital drawing app, is now available for Android tablets and Chromebooks

Krita, a FOSS digital drawing app, is now available for Android tablets and Chromebooks

When it comes to digital drawing apps on Android, the Google Play Store offers a variety of different options to choose from. Sadly though, most of the professional-grade apps are either very expensive or offer only a few basic features for free. In order to give Android tablet and Chromebook users a feature-packed free and open-source alternative, the team behind Krita has now released its first beta on the platform.

For the unaware, Krita is a free to use, open-source digital drawing software for desktop developed by KDE —an international community of free software. The desktop version of the program maintains over 200 tools that can be installed on GNU/Linux distributions and other platforms, making it a great alternative to apps like Adobe Photoshop and Coral Painter. Thanks to the recent beta release, you can now utilize Krita’s vast library of tools on both Android tablets and Chromebooks.


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According to a recent blog post on the matter, the Krita beta release for Android and ChromeOS is based on version 4.2.9 of the desktop app. The app features the same interface as the desktop version, which is why it currently isn’t compatible with Android smartphones due to their smaller UIs. If you’re interested in trying out the app on your tablet or Chromebook, you can click on the Play Store link below and download the app.

Unlike the Steam and Windows Store version, Krita for Android and ChromeOS is completely free to use, but you can buy a supporter badge from within the app to support development for the project. Do note that since this is an early access release, you might encounter some bugs while using the app on your device.

Price: Free

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