Protect Your Privacy with Krypton Web Browser

Protect Your Privacy with Krypton Web Browser

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In recent years, we’ve heard quite a bit of various government agencies breaching their users’ privacy. In addition to national surveillance, Google and other large corporations collect data from users to generate revenue by personalizing and better targeting ads. To the privacy conscious, this is undoubtedly a concerning trend. As such, many developers have decided to take privacy matters into their own hands.

There are some browsers available on the Google Play Store that allow for private browsing. One of the safest is Krypton Web Browser, which comes courtesy of XDA Forum Member Kr36. This browser is tightly integrated with Tor, and although Tor isn’t perfect, it adds an appreciable amount of anonymity against traditional and less elaborate means. In addition to Tor, the browser loads each tab as an isolated process, which also helps security in case one process is hijacked. Krypton offers a minimalist design, and as such the browser is meant to protect your data rather than have the eye candy seen in Google Chrome

Good security projects should be open-source, and users must be able to perform a code audit when necessary. Krypton is built using bits and pieces of Chromium’s core components, and its source is housed on GitHub. This browser is definitely worth a shot if you’re interested in protection against casual snooping.

Take steps against Google and other services that collect your data. Krypton successfully hides you from big brother’s eye–at least to a reasonable degree. You can get the application by visiting the Krypton Web Browser – Private, fast, simple forum thread.