Laisim Silver Music Player Plays All Your Hits

Laisim Silver Music Player Plays All Your Hits

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There is a long list of music player or media player applications available for Android. While most of them look pretty much the same as all the rest, some others offer a so called “premium touch” through the use of an equalizer, visualizer, or support for certain more obscure file types. Unfortunately, most of these applications are paid only, so you are forced to use some free alternatives if you don’t want to part with your hard earned cash.

Among the free music players, you can often find the occasional gem. One of them, Laisim Silver Music Player by XDA Forum Member rauma, was recently released to the public. The player contains most of the features known from other popular players like PowerAmp, PlayerPro etc., but it is available free of charge and doesn’t have any annoying ads. The application plays FLAC files without any issues, has a built-in equalizer, and even a tag editor. As the metaphorical cherry on top, it can download the lyrics of your currently playing song, and much more. How cool is that?

Laisim Silver Music Player will work on every version of Android starting with Ice Cream Sandwich. If you are stuck at Gingerbread, there is a version available that should work with this version of OS.

It’s good to see developers releasing their work without fee or ads. This reminds us all how the Android community should be like. Laisim Silver Music Player is one free, yet very good application. You can get it by visiting the Laisim Silver application thread.