Language Navi translates foreign language apps without root [Giveaway]

Language Navi translates foreign language apps without root [Giveaway]

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Have you ever found a cool application that you wished was available in your own language? If your answer is yes, Language Navi has your back. The app helps you translate any application to any language that Google Translate supports. It works on-the-fly and you don’t need root or any kind of system modifications. It just uses built-in accessibility settings in the Android OS, plus some OCR (Optical Character Recognition) magic to recognize the text and Google Translate to translate it.

XDA Junior Member tachibanalab released the app on Play Store about a month ago. It is absolutely free, but if you want to remove ads and unlock some advanced features (that the developer is working on), you’ll have to pay $2.99. Lucky for you, we have a 100 free promo codes to give away.

Since the initial release of the app, it has gained some new features. First of all, it now supports Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Originally, the app only worked on Android 8.0 Oreo and above. It’s good that the developer managed to backport the features. The application now also has 11 new languages, as well as various major and minor bug fixes. Language Navi’s Pro version can be bought via in-app purchase. It should be noted that the developer used XDA Translators group to translate the application into various languages.

The promo codes will be posted in the comments every five minutes or so. To redeem a code, go to the Play Store, open the menu and select “Redeem.” Paste in the code to get the pro upgrade of the app. Good luck!