Larger S8 Model Reportedly Packing 3,500mAh Battery

Larger S8 Model Reportedly Packing 3,500mAh Battery

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Samsung’s latest and greatest is coming our way once again, with the announcement of the Galaxy S8 models being only weeks away at this point. After the failure of the ill-fated Note 7, Samsung needs to hit a homerun with their next device.

Leaks suggest that the Galaxy S8 will come in two variants, with rumors pointing to a 5.7-inch device and a larger 6.2-inch option as well. It’s also expected that these devices will have extremely thin bezels, which should put the larger model more in-line with the 5.7-inch and 6-inch smartphones offered by other manufacturers. A report from Korea by The Investor also tells us that the smaller S8 will be fitted with a 3,000mAh battery – like the Note5 – and that the bigger one will opt for up to 3,500mAh, more akin to last year’s Note 7.

In case you need a reminder, the batteries in both batches of Note 7s (after the rollout) suffered from manufacturing issues that jeopardized their chemical integrity, with both battery suppliers messing up the manufacturing and quality assurance. It’s largely understood that one of the companies that supplied the batteries for the Note 7 was Samsung SDI, which is why Samsung didn’t disclose the actual company names in their press conference on the matter last month. This time around, they are introducing a myriad of safety procedures including multi-layer safety measures, an 8-point battery safety check, and they are also tapping Murata Manufacturing, a Japanese company, for the S8’s battery supply.

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Source: The Investor

Image credit: @OnLeaks