LastPass Families Lets You Share Passwords, Bank Account Info, and More With up to 6 People

LastPass Families Lets You Share Passwords, Bank Account Info, and More With up to 6 People

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LastPass has been one of the go-to password managers for a number of years now, and the most recent addition to the service is a new subscription plan called, “LastPass Families.”

As the name suggests, LastPass Families will make sharing passwords and other personal data with significant others, parents, siblings, and in-laws easier than ever. One person will initially purchase LastPass Families, and they can then add up to 6 other family members to have access to the account. The person who purchases the subscription can choose to add other managers as well, and should you for some reason need to remove someone you’ve previously added, you can do this too.

Once you’ve got everyone added to your account, you can use LastPass Families to securely store bank account information, passports, household bills, passwords (of course) and a number of other things. You can make as many folders as you need to in order to keep everything properly organized, and if you have certain data or info that you only want your eyes to have access to, you can store this in your own personal vault.

LastPass Families is expected to launch later this summer, and while you can sign up for early access to the service now, there’s still no word on how pricing will work. Plus, if you’re already subscribed to LastPass Premium, you’ll be able to try LastPass Families for free for 6 months.

Subscribers to LastPass Premium currently pay $1/month for a single shared family folder for up to 5 people, and seeing as how LastPass Families offers unlimited shared folders for up to 6 people, we think it’s safe to say that you can expect the monthly charge to cost a fair bit more.

However, even with an expected higher rate, LastPass Families looks like a solid way to safely and securely store important data between loved ones.

Source: LastPass