LastPass Families General Availability Announced

LastPass Families General Availability Announced

Password managers are a great way to keep generate and store unique and secure passwords for all of the various websites and services that we deal with day in and day out. LastPass is a popular password manager service that is available on multiple platforms with a number of tools to help make things simple. Back in July, the company announced a new service called LastPass Families that would be coming soon and today they have confirmed it is now available.

LastPass Families is an interesting service for the company to offer and it shows they are paying attention to the market. The goal here is for them to provide a platform where close family members (or even friends) can share passwords, or even personal data that is stored in the system, with each other. Pricing is currently set at $48 per year but it only needs to be paid for by one person and comes with 6 licenses for family members to connect accounts with each other.

Along with passwords, LastPass is also used to store other important pieces of information including bank account information, credit card details, passports, household bills, PIN codes and more. So whether you find yourself needing to share a piece of information with a family member, or simply want to help manage the passwords of someone who isn’t very tech savvy, the LastPass Families plan is here for you. The plan comes with the following features for everyone added to the family account…

  • Unlimited sharing – This enables family members to conveniently store passwords, credit cards, valuable documents and more, and organize them into folders for unlimited, flexible sharing with others in the family.
  • Emergency access – Families can plan for the future with emergency access to ensure someone always has access to their most important information in unexpected situations.
  • Easy management – The family manager has access to an easy-to-use dashboard where they can quickly add and remove family members on the account.
  • Individual accounts for all – Each family member is given their own unique LastPass account where they can store personal passwords and specify those meant for sharing with others, while keeping the rest private.

If you feel this is something you and/or your family could benefit from, the landing page for LastPass Families can be found right here.

Source: GlobeNewswire

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