LastPass adds a passwordless log-in option to let you access your desktop vault

LastPass adds a passwordless log-in option to let you access your desktop vault

LastPass is a popular password manager that takes the pain out of remembering your passwords and usernames across websites and apps. The service has now announced that it’s bringing a new passwordless login method to let users access their vault and all sites stored in it without having to enter a password.

With the new passwordless sign-in, Lastpass users will be able to access their desktop vault without entering the master password. Instead, they can now use the LastPass Authenticator app to grant access. You’ll be able to use your phone’s biometrics, such as a fingerprint scanner or Face Unlock, to authenticate requests. LastPass says it’s the first password manager to offer such a feature.


The passwordless option is built upon the FIDO standard. LastPass says it’s actively building FIDO2 compliant components and support for hardware security keys which will be added to the passwordless offering later this year.

“LastPass is excited to be the first solution and only password manager to allow users to securely and effortlessly login, manage their account credentials and get instant access to the accounts used every day – without ever having to enter a password,” said Chris Hoff, Chief Secure Technology Officer at LastPass.

It’s worth noting that the passwordless option doesn’t remove the need for a master password entirely. You’ll still have to set up a master password to set up your LastPass account, add new trusted devices, and make changes to your account. While the LastPass mobile app has long offered the biometric option as an alternative to entering the master password, desktop users currently don’t have any alternative log-in method to access their vault.

Notably, Apple also announced at WWDC that it’ll be adding support for FIDO passkeys in Safari to enable passwordless sign-ins across the web and apps.

The passwordless log-in option will be rolling out to all LastPass users starting this week.

Source: LastPass
Via: The Verge

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