Latest Android Platform Stats Show KitKat up to 13.6%, Honeycomb Gone, Gingerdeath Continues

Latest Android Platform Stats Show KitKat up to 13.6%, Honeycomb Gone, Gingerdeath Continues

gingerdeathAt the start of every month, just like clockwork, Google releases updated Android Platform Stats that show the latest state of fragmentation in the Android ecosystem. This information is of course quite important to developers looking to better target their application development efforts.

When we last left off one month ago, we were seeing some rather positive  trends. Android 4.4.x KitKat was up to 8.5% from 5.3% the month before, resulting in a 60% relative growth. Unfortunately, Android 2.x was still hanging strong at 17.2% of devices last month. Also of note, that red-headed step child Honeycomb had been hanging in at 0.1% for several months now.


This month, we’ve continued the same positive trend, with Android 4.4.x KitKat seeing another 60% relative growth up to to 13.6% of active installs. As for 2.x, we’re now down at 15.7%, which equates to a 9% relative drop compared to last month. Another way of looking at this is that KitKat is now getting closer and closer to the same install base as Android 2.x, and that’s some good progress made in the right direction. Also of note, Honeycomb is now officially off of the charts, meaning that it makes up less than 0.1% of the total Play-connected install base.

In addition to version stats, the Android Developer Dashboard now also reports information regarding screen size and resolution, as well as max supported OpenGL version. This can be seen below:



As we said in the past, it’s great to see 4.4.x on the rise. Similarly, it’s great to see 2.x on the rapid decline–something that our own Elite Recognized Developer Chainfire affectionately refers to as “Gingerdeath.” Going by current trends and their overall stability, we wouldn’t be surprised if by next month we see KitKat up to around 20% and 2.x down a little more.

Are you an Android app developer? If so, how has platform fragmentation affected your development process? Are you an end-user who’s long since forgotten about OEM updates in favor of custom ROMs here on XDA? Do you wish Gingerbread to diaf? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Android Developer Dashboard]

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