Latest Google Photos Update Brings Machine Learning Sharing Features

Latest Google Photos Update Brings Machine Learning Sharing Features

Google announced a lot of stuff at this year’s I/O, and among all of the buzz surrounding Android O, Google Lens, and Daydream, the company also introduced some new sharing features in Google Photos that takes advantage of the company’s machine learning technology.

Today, Google is finally releasing some of those new features to the public. Version 3.0 of the Google Photos app is rolling out on the Play Store starting today.

There are two new sharing options being added to Google Photos – the first is Suggested Sharing. Suggested Sharing uses Google’s machine learning to recommend photos that it thinks you should share with certain people based on who is in the photos, where certain pictures or videos were captured, and who was with you at that time.

All of these suggestions can be found in the Sharing tab at the bottom right of the app, and this is where you’ll see not only suggested photos that Google thinks you should send to other people, but also any albums or other photos/videos that you’ve shared or others have shared with you.

Along with Suggested Sharing, the other big feature in this update are Shared Libraries. With Shared Libraries, you can choose someone to share either your entire Google Photos collection with or just a specific album. One potential use case here is for a husband and wife to share an album with one another that contains photos of their kid.

While you could just choose to manually share new photos with people as you take them, the cool part about Shared Albums is that they’re updated for both parties whenever you take a new photo that belongs in that album. The husband could take a few photos of his child, Google will know that those are pictures of his kid, and then automatically add those photos to the Shared Album that the wife also has access to.

Both Suggested Sharing and Shared Albums should be available either now or within the next couple of days for Google Photos users on Android, web, and iOS.

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