Latest HTC Edge Sense Update Adds Support for Amazon Alexa, Adds a New Visual Feedback Style

Latest HTC Edge Sense Update Adds Support for Amazon Alexa, Adds a New Visual Feedback Style

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The HTC U11 has been met with both praise and criticisms for the decisions HTC made with their latest flagship. Some aren’t fans of the shiny design they opted for while others are loving the flashy glass. Some feel the HTC Edge Sense squeeze feature is a gimmick while others have found it to be incredibly useful. Fans of the feature should be happy to hear that HTC seems dedicated to it (at least as of right now), and have just rolled out a new update with some interesting changes.

The big change with the new HTC Edge Sense update is the added support for HTC Alexa. So once your application has been updated, you should see a new option to choose from when you go in and start to customize the feature. Since Alexa cannot be set as the default assistant on Android (at least right now), there’s a dedicated option here that will let you “Launch HTC Alexa” when you squeeze the frame of the HTC U11.

Some users have been unable to get this feature working, as Alexa support has not yet rolled out to devices. However, if you run a ROM like LeeDrOiD the upcoming Alexa feature is installed and it works perfectly. It is unclear whether this will rollout via an OTA or through the Play Store, but you do need the special Alexa application installed in order to use the new feature. HTC did say it would be rolling out this July, so hopefully we should hear something fairly soon about this enhancement.

This new update also comes with a new visual feedback animation. It will still show the blue overlays on the left and right when a squeeze is detected, but the new update also displays some blue dot effects in the middle of the screen to help you see that the trigger was activated successfully and then whatever you have HTC Edge Sense set to will trigger.

Update – It looks like Alexa is set to rollout on Monday based on a Tweet from @HTCUSA

Via: Android Police Source: @ChengmingAlpert