Latest Huawei Security Advisory Highlights a Privilege Elevation Vulnerability

Latest Huawei Security Advisory Highlights a Privilege Elevation Vulnerability

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Huawei has just announced a new vulnerability that is currently possible on both the Huawei Honor 7 and the Huawei Mate S. This is said to be a privilege elevation vulnerability that is possible thanks to an arbitrary file upload in Huawei Themes. The vulnerability already has an update ready to fix it and devices susceptible to this simply needs to apply the latest update to be safe from it. As of right now, we don’t have any details about how quickly this update is going out to devices though.

Huawei tells us this vulnerability was initially reported to Huawei PSIRT by Nicky (Wu Huiyu). Nicky works in Tencent’s Security Platform Department and is responsible for finding vulnerabilities in various products and services. We’re told Mr. Wu followed proper protocol to contact Huawei and coordinated the vulnerability disclosure so they can keep their customers as safe as possible.

We’re told this vulnerability impacts the Huawei Honor 7 that is running software versions newer than PLK-UL00C17B385. Meaning, if you have the Honor 7 from Huawei and have the PLK-UL00C17B385 firmware (or newer), then your device is safe from this attack. This attack is also possible on the Huawei Mate S, but it was fixed in software version CRR-L09C432B380. So again, if you have the Mate S from Huawei and are running the CRR-L09C432B380 firmware (or newer), then you’re safe as well.

This was not a remote attack and you were only at risk when certain conditions were met. You would have had to have someone trick you into installing a malicious theme on your device for it to infect it. This was possible because of a lack of a “theme pack check” since it allowed the theme to include some malicious files which would have been executed once installed.

Source: Huawei