Latest Lenovo Folio Concept Shown Off at Lenovo Tech World 2017

Latest Lenovo Folio Concept Shown Off at Lenovo Tech World 2017

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We’re currently seeing a trend toward smartphone OEMs reducing the bezels of our devices. This design brings a new level of aesthetics to our phones that is becoming more and more popular. It’s something that OEMs have been working on for a while now but they also have some other unique concepts being worked on as well. One of them in particular is foldable smartphones and tablets and the latest Lenovo Folio update was shown off at Lenovo Tech World last week.

Samsung has been at a number of display conventions to show off their foldable and rollable display technology, but we haven’t seen much in the form of a physical product. The company is said to produce a foldable smartphone concept by the end of Q3 of this year, but any small hiccup during this process could hold it back. But then we have companies like Lenovo who have been working on this as well and have had a couple of different concepts already on display.

Last year the company showed off a foldable tablet concept at the own Lenovo Tech World event. As you can see above, the device was in its early stages of development, but it was working (even if the software was a little buggy at times) and able to gain a lot of attention from the media. The mechanics of the concept were in place so you could indeed fold the tablet in half so the screen was the size of a smartphone and then the idea is to make calls on it.

Lenovo Tech World 2017 just happened last week and the company was there again with a new revision of the Lenovo Folio tablet concept. They still aren’t ready to release it as a finished product right now, but they wanted to show off the advancements they had made. The software looks more stable, there are more software features taking advantage of the idea behind it, and the bending mechanism looks more rigid. Take a look at a hands-on video from last week’s event below.

Via: Mashable