Latest LineageOS Update Adds Support for AptX and AptXHD, CAF Rebase and More

Latest LineageOS Update Adds Support for AptX and AptXHD, CAF Rebase and More

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For those who don’t read all of the changes happening in the LineageOS Gerrit, we now get an overall update summary each week on the LineageOS website. The latest summary was published on February 20th and it talked about the changes that had happened since February 13th. If you’d rather view the changes as they happen though, LineageOS does have a changelog page here. This will list any changes that happen to every device that is currently supported.

The big update this past week was the CAF rebase that was done. So, when LineageOS 14 was started, they based their sources off CAF 7.0 This was done because CAF supports almost all of the Qualcomm devices that LineageOS builds are created for. However, when Android 7.1 was released, CAF hadn’t been updated yet so the community developers merged AOSP 7.1 on top of their current builds. They kept CAF 7.0 for HALs though, since that made things easier.

CAF has recently been updated to 7.1, which meant rebasing all merged commits on top of the CAF 7.1 base. This will result in less time needed to resolve merged conflicts, and the introduction of February’s security updates. Changes over the past week also added AptX and AptXHD for supported platforms, but only for devices that supported it in their stock firmware. The ability to long-press the power button to activate the torch has also been added in this latest build of LineageOS.

They have another build slave thanks to DotSrc, and again, there’s the public changelog viewer that can be accessed by the downloads page. We’ve also seen devices like the Wileyfox StormGalaxy Tab S 8.4 (Wi-Fi), Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (Wi-Fi) and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Wi-Fi) (2014) get support for LineageOS 14.1 builds recently, and the LeEco Le Pro3 is now getting LineageOS 13 builds.

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