Latest Oculus App Update Brings Chromecast Support to the Gear VR

Latest Oculus App Update Brings Chromecast Support to the Gear VR

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While companies like Google have had to rely on the community to create VR content for Google Cardboard and Daydream, Samsung was able to launch the Gear VR with a lot of content on board from day one thanks to a partnership with Oculus. Not only was Samsung able to offer their customers a plethora of VR content right at launch, but they also had some help with the hardware as well.

Although this could change in the future, right now Samsung and the Gear VR offers more high quality mobile VR content than anyone else in the space. However, one of the downsides to VR content right now is that it isn’t very social. Depending on the type of person you are, this might not be a big deal. But a lot of our society is moving towards a more social experience but it can be difficult to share your VR experience with someone else online – or even someone who is in the same room as you.

Thankfully, companies are aware of this issue and they’re working to resolve this pain point. On that front, Oculus has just announced they’re bringing Chromecast support to the Gear VR in the latest update of their mobile Oculus application. Once the Oculus application has been updated to the newly announced version on your Samsung Galaxy phone, you should then see a Chromecast button in the top right corner of the screen.

Simply tap on that button to choose where you want to cast your VR content and you’re ready to go. You’ll then be able to share your VR experiences with anyone else who can see the screen. While not ideal for everyone, it does sound like a great way to introduce and share VR content with a friend or loved one.

Source: Oculus