Latest Stable WhatsApp Update Adds the Ability to Send Files of Any Type

Latest Stable WhatsApp Update Adds the Ability to Send Files of Any Type

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Sending files through WhatsApp hasn’t always been possible but we give credit to the company for slowly adding this feature into the application. For those unaware, WhatsApp used to not have any file sharing capabilities at all. It started off as just a simple messaging application and there didn’t seem to be any indication that the developers would add it to the app in the future. So we started to see community developers fill in the void.

We featured one of these applications, called SendAnyFile, just a couple of months ago here at XDA. As the WhatsApp developers started to see demand for this feature, they started off by allowing their users to send documents to each other. File type support was limited, but did include csv, doc, docx, pdf, ppt, pptx, rtf, txt, xls, xlsx and other similar document formats. Then, just last month a new update for the beta channel of WhatsApp was released and it expanded support for all file types.

This was limited to the beta channel so you had to have been on a beta version of WhatsApp, however, it was enabled via a server side update so you didn’t have to download a new update to get the feature. It seems the developers behind WhatsApp are happy with its beta test of the feature because now the latest stable update has included this feature for all users. As usual, there seems to be a staged rollout.

Just like with the beta version of this feature, it includes support for all file types but the file size is limited. Interestingly enough too, each platform has a different file size limit so you should be aware of that. iOS users have a 128MB limit, Android users have a 100MB limit and web client users have a 64MB limit.

Via /r/Android Source: Play Store