Latest Tasker beta lets you reject calls before they even start ringing

Latest Tasker beta lets you reject calls before they even start ringing

João Dias, the developer behind the popular automation app Tasker, has released a new beta version which makes it even easier to screen those robocalls (or your parents, if that’s your thing). Tasker 5.11.3 beta is currently rolling out in beta and adds a feature that can stop a caller from connecting with you before your phone even starts to ring.

The feature takes advantage of CallScreeningService, an API that was initially made available with API level 24 (Android 7.0 Nougat) but was changed in API level 29 (Android 10) to no longer require the call screening app to be set as the default dialer. As such, Tasker’s implementation of the feature is available to users of Android 10 and above. After installing the latest beta, users can set Tasker as their Caller ID & Spam app and consequently be able to set it up to screen or block calls according to the Profiles that they’ve set in the app.


João Dias has shared a video demo of the new feature in action:

The new Call Screened Event and Call Screening Action are the only significant new features in this version (but remember, this is only a beta), as the developer is mostly focused on getting Tasker ready for Google Play’s upcoming API level 29 requirement set for November 2nd. As a reminder, all new apps submitted to Google Play are already required to target API level 29, while updates to existing apps will be required to target API level 29 starting November 2nd.

Other tweaks in this Tasker beta version include the ability to convert sensor orientation coordinates to degrees, a fix for the camera action, and a number of other bug fixes. It has also added warnings to actions that have been temporarily scuppered by the API issue.

As mentioned, the stable version of Tasker in the Google Play Store won’t have this feature yet. If you’re in the beta program but you simply can’t wait, there’s a direct link to download the APK here. If you’d like to join the Tasker Beta program, you can do so here. And don’t forget, XDA has an entire forum full of hints and tips on how to make the most of this most powerful of apps.

Tasker 5.11.3.beta Full Changelog

  • Added Call Screening action and Call Screened event for Android 10+. Allows you to reject calls event before they start to ring. Demo here:
  • Added option to convert orientation coordinates to degrees in the Test Sensor action and in the Any Sensor conditions
  • Fixed Camera action on Android 10+
  • Fixed issue where value for video would be reset when editing the Element Video Control action
  • Fixed issue with last beta on some phone related actions
  • Fixed Any Sensor events and states not stopping sensor monitoring when other less battery intensive conditions are false
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the Any Sensor Event would fire every single time you accepted a new setup in Tasker
  • Don’t use Manage External Storage permission for now since Google Play doesn’t support it yet but made preparations for it
  • Made SSID field in Wifi Connected state multiline if needed
  • Fixed sending literal variable names (like \%variable) to plugins
  • Added warning that Mobile Network Type action won’t work anymore on Android 10+.
  • End Call action no longer works as before on Android 10+ due to Android restrictions

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