Latest WhatsApp Beta Update Hints at allowing Editing and Recalling Messages

Latest WhatsApp Beta Update Hints at allowing Editing and Recalling Messages

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WhatsApp is reportedly adding some really useful features in the latest version of the public beta app. As discovered by @WABetainfo, WhatsApp is planning to add new features that would let users recall or edit messages even after they are sent.

This could really come handy when you want to fix a small typo in a sent text or want to revoke a message that you accidentally sent to the wrong recipient. According to WABetainfo, these features are currently disabled in the latest WhatsApp beta (version 2.17.25), meaning you won’t be able to make use of these options just yet.

Some images shared by WABetainfo on Twitter shows how WhatsApp could implement the recall and edit feature in the app. The first image shows how a message can be recalled. As for the edit function, you can see in the second image that by selecting a message you can access the edit function in the overflow menu.

The other discovered feature in the latest beta is an ability to delete a status from the Status tab. The Status tab, a feature similar to Instagram Stories, now shows a delete button in the action bar. Unfortunately, just like the recall and edit functionalities, the Status tab is also disabled by default in the latest public beta version.

It’s entirely possible that WhatsApp could, at some point, enable these features via a server side roll out. Though as of now, none of the functionalities are live yet. Still, these features should excite regular users of the mega-popular instant messaging client, and we hope they are enabled for all users in the near future.