LaunchEnr is a Simple, AOSP-Style Launcher with Many Android Oreo Features

LaunchEnr is a Simple, AOSP-Style Launcher with Many Android Oreo Features

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Custom launchers are the first thing that comes to mind when people think about Android customization. After all, the home screen can be considered as the main UX element of your phone and can be customized in many different ways, going from a simple icon change to a complete overhaul of every aspect of the launcher. There are many different alternatives including Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, Lawnchair, you name it. However, those looking to keep it simple while getting some additional features also have many options available. One of them being LaunchEnr.

LaunchEnr is developed by XDA Senior Member ivn888, and it’s based on AOSP Launcher3, meaning that Pixel Launcher/AOSP Launcher users will feel right at home with LaunchEnr. It also adds lots of useful, essential features. It includes icon pack support, dark and light theme options, per-app icons and labels, app hiding, unread count notification badge features, home screen rotation, and a lot more! It also lightens the stock AOSP code of Launcher3, replacing some deprecated methods and effectively optimizing the app. With the 2.0 update, it also includes all Android 8.0 Oreo standard features, like round/adaptive icon support, notification badges, further code optimizations, and more.

However, you should try it out in order to actually experience the whole LaunchEnr feature set. You can download it on the Play Store, where it’s available as a free application with no ads included. The developer also has an official XDA thread, where he delivers official updates and changelogs (as well as including the APK for each and every update). The developer is also active on the forums, picking up bug reports. It’s still marked as a beta, so you will probably find some bugs here and there. But we are really excited to see development coming along nicely, and we are looking forward to future LaunchEnr releases coming soon.

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