Lawnchair 2 stable is now rolling out on the Play Store with tons of new features

Lawnchair 2 stable is now rolling out on the Play Store with tons of new features

Third-party launchers may not be as tightly integrated into the system as first-party launchers are, but they generally offer a lot more features than the stock launcher on any given device. Take Google’s Pixel Launcher, for example. It’s clean and beautifully designed, but there are only a handful of options to customize the launcher. In comparison, a third-party launcher like the popular Lawnchair app has dozens of features. You can stick with a more minimalist, Pixel Launcher-like experience or you can customize out the wazoo. The last stable update was version 1.2.1 back in July, and now the Lawnchair app has reached version 2 in the stable channel after months of beta releases.


Here are the highlights of the v2 update, per the team:

Lawnchair v2 Update Highlights:

  • Adds Drawer Categories (Tabs & Folders).
  • Introduces Adaptive Icon customisation.
  • Enables integration with Sesame and Homefeeder.
  • Adds Pixel Launcher’s At a Glance widget.
  • Integrates with Android’s Recents page via QuickSwitch.

And here’s the full list of key features available in Lawnchair v2:

Key Feature List

  • Theme
    • Adaptive Icons: Pick between 6 presets or easily create custom shapes—even for your favourite icon packs
    • Blur: An adjustable transparency effect for surfaces
    • Smart Appearance: Dark Mode turns on automatically to match system settings, your wallpaper, or the time of day
    • Colours: A new colour picker creates palettes based on your wallpaper and offers precise tint control
    • Custom Fonts: Apply fonts to selected areas—like titles and labels. Pick from dozens of free typefaces or add your own.
  • Desktop
    • Layout: Add or remove rows and columns—visually. Use Lock Desktop to prevent accidental edits.
    • App Shortcuts: Customize icons, hide labels, and set swipe gestures.
    • App Launch Transitions: Pick custom animations—like Blink or Slide Up—to show when launching apps from the Desktop and Drawer.
    • Notification Dots: Stay updated with subtle alert indicators.
  • At a Glance
    • Contextual Data: See what you care about—like today’s weather, notifications, or events from your calendar.
    • Icon Packs: Add custom weather icons to At a Glance.
  • Dock
    • Style: Customize the Dock—from colour to size. Set the corner radius, change the opacity, and more.
    • Page Indicator: Navigate around the Desktop without losing your place.
  • Drawer
    • App Suggestions: Your most-used apps, right below the Search Bar.
    • App Actions: Contextual shortcuts to your favorite pages in apps—like directions home or your latest earworms.
    • Hidden Shortcuts: Hide shortcuts you don’t need from the Drawer.
    • Categories: Tabs & Folders help keep your Drawer tidy. And Smart Tabs group shortcuts automatically.
  • Search & Plugins
    • Search Bar: Find apps, websites, and contacts. The Search Bar changes shape to match Adaptive Icons.
    • Sesame: Do even more with Search—instantly launch a show on Netflix, or quickly find chats in Messages.
    • FeedGoogle Feed and Homefeeder bundle updates into compact lists—a perfect addition to your morning coffee.
  • QuickSwitch
    • Recents: Your customized Dock appears in Android’s Recents—launch your most-used apps, or swipe up to see all.
    • Navigation Gestures: Customize swipe gestures on Android 9 and 10.

The Lawnchair v2 stable update is rolling out now on the Google Play Store. You can also download it from XDA Labs. Visit the XDA Forum Thread if you want to give any feedback.

Lawnchair 2
Developer: David Sn
Price: Free

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