Lawnchair updated with Android Pie recent apps integration for rooted users

Lawnchair updated with Android Pie recent apps integration for rooted users

Lawnchair is a great custom launcher for Android. Its based on the popular Google Pixel Launcher, but it is very customizable. The issue with the launcher is that, on Android Pie devices, it can’t integrate with the recent apps overview. Normally, only pre-installed system launchers like the Google Pixel Launcher, OnePlus Launcher, etc. get to integrate with the recent apps overview. Thanks to a new addon called “Lawnstep,” you can now integrate Lawnchair with the recent apps overview on Android Pie devices if you have a rooted device.

Lawnchair v2 with Lawnstep

Lawnchair v2, for those who aren’t familiar, lets you customize the dock design, accent color, home screen widget styles, Google search bar, icon packs, icon shapes, and more. The launcher even has the Google Assistant icon in the search bar which mimics the launcher that’ll ship with the Google Pixel 3 next week.


Lawnstep not only integrates with the recent apps overview but it also brings a new gesture control. Using these you can set custom actions for a swipe up, swipe down, double tap, home button, and long press. For the memes, you can even have a gesture to play Despacito.

How to Install Lawnstep

  1. Download the Lawnstep Magisk Module and the latest Lawnchair Launcher APK.
  2. Install the launcher first before the Magisk Module.
  3. Set Lawnchair as your default launcher in Settings.
  4. Make sure you are rooted with Magisk v17.2 as Lawnstep requires this to work.
  5. Install the Magisk Module and then reboot your phone.
  6. Once you do this, you will have Lawnstep installed and working.

Join the Beta

Although the launcher is available on the Google Play Store, you won’t find the latest version there. The developers only post their latest betas on their Telegram channel. You can find that here. We were given permission to mirror the APK and the Module above.

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