Source code for the Lawnchair v2 custom launcher is now available

Source code for the Lawnchair v2 custom launcher is now available

Lawnchair is one of the most popular custom launchers on Android alongside Nova Launcher. The app closely follows Pixel Launcher’s look and feel, while simultaneously adding a great deal of customization options. The app’s v1 stable release was released in June last year, and since then, the developers have been working on Lawnchair v2. Up until now, users could only download public betas of Lawnchair v2 from APKMirror and the developers’ Telegram channel. Now, the developers have uploaded source code for the Lawnchair v2 release. They also state that the beta should be up on the Play Store “in about a week after translations have been set up.”

We went hands-on with Lawnchair v2 last year, and the launcher’s functionality has been even more fine-tuned since then. While a launcher such as Rootless Pixel Launcher will give users a basic Pixel Launcher experience, Lawnchair v2 builds upon the Pixel Launcher and adds Nova Launcher-style customization options for the desktop, dock, app drawer, and more. Users can choose icon size on a granular basis for the desktop, dock, and app drawer. They can choose whether to enable the Google app at the left side of the home screen. There are also theming options, and Lawnchair v2 can be used with many icon packs. Recently, the launcher also gained rootless app actions and customizable folder icons. To put it simply, it’s a full-fledged competitor to Nova Launcher in terms of functionality.

The source code of the Lawnchair v2 release can be downloaded from Github. Users can download the latest public beta from APK Mirror. The Play Store version is still Lawnchair v1 for now, but users should expect to see Lawnchair v2 beta on the Play Store in a week or so.

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