Layoffs Continue at Cyanogen Inc., Seattle Office to Shut Down by Year-End

Layoffs Continue at Cyanogen Inc., Seattle Office to Shut Down by Year-End

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Cyanogen Inc. has been in the news lately for the major changes that the company was recently undergoing. Most notably, the former CEO of Cyanogen, Kirt McMaster had to hand over the managerial roles of the company to Lior Tal and assume the role of Executive Chairman. Further, Cyanogen Inc’s co-founder Steve Kondik, more famously known around the Internet as “cyanogen” and the creator of CyanogenMod, was stepping down from his role of CTO and taking up the position of “Chief Science Officer”.

It seems that some more shuffling around is in store for the company. As AndroidPolice reports from sources inside and outside the company, Cyanogen Inc. is scheduled to go through another round of layoffs and downsizing. The company will announce internally that its Seattle headquarters will be closed down by the end of this year. AndroidPolice claims that some employees from the Seattle office are given options to relocate to Cyanogen Inc’s smaller Palo Alto office, where two more employees responsible for “Android development” were let go.

The most surprising news coming in from the report is that the future of Steve “cyanogen” Kondik is also allegedly up in the air. The position of Chief Science Officer was never defined to the outside world, so assumptions were made on its reduction of authority over company’s broader matters. But the upcoming announcement might just be the end of the first commercial road for Kondik’s Cyanogen Inc dream, a developer whose legacy powers millions of devices across the world.

What does all of this mean for CyanogenMod? Nothing immediately, as CyanogenMod continues to remain distinct from Cyanogen Inc, although Cyanogen Inc. employees contributed often to CyanogenMod. CyanogenMod thrives on the work of the enthusiast community so there’s no question of CyanogenMod dying anytime soon — that’s the beauty of open source.

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Source: AndroidPolice