Leaked Galaxy S6 Apps Hit the Forums

Leaked Galaxy S6 Apps Hit the Forums

XDA Recognized Contributor Albe95 has shared with us what looks to be Galaxy S6 applications. The ones he’s provided are the GearManager, the Optical Reader, GeoNews and Kids Mode. The applications are available for download through the links in the opening post, but keep in mind it is likely that they might not be compatible with your device. There’s also new information about more applications and system interface features revealed in the same thread:



The alleged S6 statusbar and panel are ported to the S4 Lollipop as seen in the video above. It is reported that there’s no button to access the rest of the quicktoggles anymore, but the panel is now accessed through a two-finger swipe. The recents menu has also been turned minimal by removing the clutter at the bottom; instead, you can swipe up to summon further options (“close all” button). The system UI port is also available for download for S4 devices.

There’s also some other applications that will not work on the S4, such as the S6’s rendition of S Note. This new application, along the rest, features an updated design language that is more minimal and cleaner than what we are used to from Samsung. While it has adopted some Material elements, the color palette is not quite as muted and the interface looks flatter due to not many shadows being present under elements to give them depth. Nevertheless, it is clearly a huge step-up from what we’ve seen before. As for the SystemUI, we don’t have enough details to say if the color scheme featured in this port is what will ultimately be found on the Galaxy S6. The applications are reportedly fully-featured (yet buggy) and well-designed regardless, so it is safe to say that we’ll see at least some of what’s shown here when the announcement or releases hit.


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