Leaked Mockup Render Claims to Show Us the LG V30

Leaked Mockup Render Claims to Show Us the LG V30

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For a few years now LG has started to offer a second premium flagship smartphone to go alongside its G series. This started with the LG V10 and is all but confirmed to be coming this year with the LG V30 as well. The design of LG’s V series has gone through some iterations over the years too and leaked information currently suggests that the phone will indeed ditch one of the features that has distinguished itself from the competition – the secondary display.

As with most smartphones these days, OEMs go through a number of design changes along the way before the settle on something final. So it’s no surprise that a previous design of the LG V30 showed it with a primary display that slid up from the bottom to reveal a secondary panel underneath it. As we get close to its launch date though, LG has seemingly finalized their designs and are getting rid of the secondary display concept for the LG V30.

Reports also suggest the LG V30 will be equipped with an OLED panel as well. Something we’ve known that LG has been working on, but looks to finally be coming back to their smartphones since the company’s older G Flex series. This information has been confirmed by our own sources as well, and it makes sense as demand for OLED smartphone displays is increasing. Today, a newly leaked mock up render of the LG V30 could give us a look at what to expect later this year.

@OnLeaks is known for getting the dimensions of his mock ups shockingly correct too, so we don’t have any reason to doubt these images and video. The render shows a single earpiece speaker at the top front of the LG V30 with a bottom firing external speaker at the bottom. The 3.5mm headphone port is located at the top right of the phone and we have the volume buttons on the left side. The power button looks to be integrated with the fingerprint sensor on the back and we can see it will have some sort of dual camera setup on the rear as well.

Source: MySmartPrice