Leaked Render Could Reveal an Unannounced Motorola Device for 2017

Leaked Render Could Reveal an Unannounced Motorola Device for 2017

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OnLeaks, in collaboration with Android Authority, has released a render for an upcoming, unreleased Motorola smartphone.

As with most of OnLeaks’ reveals, this render is based on factory CADs and thus any details are filled in by an artist to best reproduce what the end product should look like. At first, this device was reported as being the 2017 Moto X, however OnLeaks later tweeted suggesting that it could actually be a phone called the Moto C.

Besides the mystery behind the name, one of the biggest takeaways from these renders is the absence of the pogo pins. Recent Motorola flagships have had pogo pins on the lower back of the device which provides support for the company’s Moto Mods. While there are aspects of this phone that resemble the Moto Z family (such as the size and shape of the camera), this render suggests that the new phone will not support the company’s modules in their current form. We should note that it was never guaranteed that Motorola will be using the company’s Moto Mods for all of their products, but it would make sense to have them on their premium phones.

Although the Moto X line up has never been known for its top of the line specs, it was at least considered an upper mid-range/lower high-end device. We don’t see the sensors in all four corners of the phone such as the ones used in the 2015 Moto X. Coupled with the apparent use of a micro-USB port instead of a USB Type-C now found on most flagships, OnLeaks belief that this device may be the Moto C rather than the new Moto X seems to be more and more likely.

Still, the phone looks rather solid; it has a slight curve to the back of the device that makes it seem like it would be comfortable in the hand (much like the Moto Z family). As with all rumors though, we should wait to see what Motorola officially unveils.

Source: Android Authority