Microsoft basically confirms the leaked Windows 11 build is legit

Microsoft basically confirms the leaked Windows 11 build is legit

With all of the Windows 11 hype in the past few weeks, there’s been one stand-out moment: A purported leaked build of Windows 11 appeared online, and many tech outlets got their hands on it. So did we, and we published a hands-on experience of the new leaked Windows 11 build chock full of our initial impressions. There are many people who think that leak was fake or planted. For those of you who are still doubting, here’s yet more evidence the leak is real. Microsoft Japan has sent a DMCA notice to Google to delist a page from Indian technology site Beebom that linked the leaked ISO.


The DMCA request (first spotted by FossBytes) requests Google to remove Beebom‘s page from online search results. The DMCA takedown was found on the Lumen Database and contains the reason for the takedown request. The reason is that Beebom’s article “is distributing [a] Windows 11 ISO (copyrighted to Microsoft)” which is a problem for the company as “it is a leaked copy of the unreleased Windows 11.” This DMCA claim basically confirms that the leak is, in fact, legit.

The DMCA takedown for the leaked Windows 11 build that was submitted to Google requesting the removal of the Beebom link showing how to download and install it.

The Lumen Database is populated by publicly available takedown requests and is also populated by voluntary submissions from multiple companies, one of which is Google.

The link has since been taken down by Beebom.

Sharing the leaked Windows 11 ISO ahead of the official launch of Windows 11 may open yourself up to a DMCA notice, so be careful if you are doing so. Microsoft is willing to take action, particularly as the Windows 11 release date is very soon — the 24th of June, to be precise. While it seems to be the case that Microsoft has basically confirmed it’s legit, that doesn’t mean the leaked build has all of the company’s planned features. There may be a lot more to come from the company’s launch event, and it’s possible that the finished product will end up looking wildly different as a result.

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