LeanDroid’s latest updates add multi-SIM and Android Pie support

LeanDroid’s latest updates add multi-SIM and Android Pie support

We have featured LeanDroid in the past, way back in 2014, where we recognized it as a means to quickly disable data connections to improve battery life. With newer versions of Android, Google itself has implemented some of the same principles in the form of Doze and App Standby, so the average consumer no longer needs to actively do anything on their end. But, if you’re looking to exercise greater control over the radios on your phone the old-fashioned way, you’d be glad to know that LeanDroid continues to be in active development, and now comes with multi-SIM and Android Pie support.

LeanDroid lets you automatically disable your WiFi, cellular, Bluetooth, and GPS connections, and periodically restore them for sync too. You can also setup exceptions with parameters such as time, foreground app, data transfer speed, and more, thus giving you more options than a simple on-off switch. Do note that you are playing around with settings that are necessary for crucial phone activities, so only mess around if you know what you are doing as this app does (intentionally) break the intended behavior of several other apps.

LeanDroid XDA Thread

Changelogs for recent LeanDroid updates

Version 4.1.3 (2019.03.07):

  • Toggle in separate thread again to prevent ANRs
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 4.1.2 (2019.02.20):

  • Reverted back to not using setAlarmClock so Doze still happens
  • Turn connections off quickly after sync during Doze
  • Don’t check traffic if not set to toggle any data connections
  • Fixed sync interval not being set properly until service restarted
  • Fixed a NPE and a IOB exception
  • Added free trial info to purchase options
  • Reversed purchase options order
  • Stopped using signalState for determining if cell radios are enabled

Version 4.1.1 (2019.02.13):

  • Added multi-SIM support for toggling cell radios and changing network type (requires Phone permission)
  • Fixed detection of services on Oreo+ (requires ROOT)
  • Get around doze by using setAlarmClock
  • Fixed sync duration being set to sync interval
  • “Except if active option” now checks instantaneous transfer rather than average
  • Don’t disable BT while in call, regardless of BT exceptions
  • Fixed app detection on some Android 5.0 builds
  • Fixed [not being able to pick values in] Chinese translation
  • Root not required for cell radio pre-5.0
  • Check if WiFi requires login even if option not selected in case they select it
  • Split up exceptions into their own CardViews
  • Increase efficiency by not calling root methods before checking more obvious things like !inCall
  • Schedule turn off alarm if tethering, just don’t disable connections, so that if tethering automatically disables itself, we still disable connections.
  • Updated BillingManager to prevent null pointer exceptions

Version 4.1.0 (2019.02.05):

  • Fixed data toggling on Android P
  • Updated purchase system
  • Increased boot priority
  • Updated About dialog style (spacing, date style, website link)
  • Added animations
  • Linked “Our other apps” to website
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation (Thanks Adan!)
  • Updated to latest Magisk libsu
  • Switched to new Google Play Billing Library

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