Learn Everything There Is to Know about Python with This 8-Course Bundle

Learn Everything There Is to Know about Python with This 8-Course Bundle

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If you’re even remotely interested in becoming a successful programmer or web developer, having a working knowledge of Python—one of the most dynamic and in-demand programming languages of all time—is absolutely essential.

And, while you could spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in a classroom learning the Python ropes, The Python Power Coder BONUS Bundle will teach you everything you need to know with eight courses bundled together for just $44—95% off the regular price.

Whether you’re a seasoned coding professional looking to learn a new programming language or an aspiring developer with little-to-no development experience, the easy-to-follow courses in this extensive bundle will walk you through the Python programming language from start to finish.

Thanks to over 70 hours of content and hands-on projects, you’ll foster an understanding of Python syntax and concepts, like functions, conditions, loops and objects. Plus, you’ll also get exposed to multiple coding disciplines, like web development, network programming, and even computer vision–the field behind self-driving cars, facial recognition, and other groundbreaking AI marvels.

There’s even a course dedicated to teaching you how to build your very own apps from scratch. You’ll get your hands dirty working on 10 different app projects, like coding a name generator and designing your own portfolio website. That way, you can bring your newfound skills together in a fashion that’s both engaging and practical.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn one of the most intuitive and profitable programming languages of all time. The Python Power Coder BONUS Bundle is on sale for 95% off at just $44. And, when you enter the coupon code BUNDLE50 at checkout, you’ll save an additional 50% off the final price.